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To Sabra patrons... Your meal is carefully prepared using only fresh meats and vegetables. We invite your inquiries about our recipes and welcome your suggestions about our food and our restaurant.  From the Chef and Management.

45 Union Street
Newton Center, MA  02159
617-964-9275 ~ 617-527-5641                 


Sabra Restaurant Menu

Catering for any Occasion
When only the best will do... Sabra, at your service. Enjoy the pleasures of your next business or social event and let Sabra provide you with the best in Middle-Eastern cuisine. Whether it's a dinner for 15 or a lavish reception for 600, Sabra will prepare delicious foods from an extensive selection of choices. Call our catering department today at 617-964-9275, and be assured of excellence for your next special occasion.

Catering corporate and social events throughout the
Greater Boston Area.
Catering Menu

Beautifully decorated appetizer trays.  (Enough for approx. 25)

Homus Tray 35.00
Baba Ghanoush Tray 45.00
Falafel Tray 40.00
Tabouli Tray 40.00
Cheese Spinach Pie Tray 40.00
        Baba Ghanoush    6.95
        Armenian Salad     6.95
        Meatless Grape Leaves    14.95
        Grape Leaves with Meat    14.95

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Homemade and Fresh

Lamb Curry Soup    bowl............................................................................................................................................. 5.50
           Specialty of the house. Flavored with curry and spices – a favorite with lamb lovers.
Lentil and Bean Soup    bowl....................................................................................................................................... 5.25
          A delicious vegetarian soup with tender lentils, chick peas, and pinto beans in a savory broth.

Homemade Traditional Favorites

Falafel Specialty of the House 6.95  
An everyday treat in the Middle East, and a must for first-time customers. Ground chickpeas, delicately  spiced and freshly fried to a golden brown.

Homus 6.50
A unique blend of ground chickpeas, garlic, lemon juice, and tahini sauce. Garnished with onion and olive.

Grape Leaves 7.25
Rolled baby green vine leaves stuffed with meat, rice, and Middle Eastern spices.

Meatless Grape Leaves 7.25
Vegetarian stuffing

Baba Ghannouj 7.25
An exotic dish of pureed smoked eggplant combined with tahini, olive oil, lemon juice, garlic, and Middle Eastern spices.

Cheese Spinach Pie 7.50
"Spanakopita" Sabra’s own classic recipe combines seasoned spinach and feta cheese in a flaky fillo crust.

Feta Cheese With Olives 7.50

Labneh 6.25
Yogurt cream plain or with garlic.

Mousaka 7.95

Meat Kibbee 7.25
Cracked wheat (bulgur) mixed with ground meat and stuffed with meat, onions, and herbs.

Sabra Special For Two "Mazah Plate" 21.95
Sabra’s Choice Appetizer Plate - A Vegetarian Delight

Baba Ghanoush, Homus, Falafel, Cheese Spinach Pie, Armenian Salad and Meatless Grape Leaves

A Unique Variety of Middle Eastern Salads

Tabouli Salad    Most popular Middle Eastern salad. 6.95 
Fresh minced parsley, scallions, cracked wheat, and tomato combined with a special seasoning and a touch of mint.

Israeli Salad 6.95
Lettuce, tomatoes, green pepper, onion, and cucumber mixed with pure olive oil, lemon juice, and mint.

Falafel Salad For Two Lebanese Style 15.95

Trio Salad 7.95
Armenian Salad, Greek Salad, and Lebanese Salad.

Fatouch Salad 6.95 Lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, toasted pita bread, olive oil, lemon, and mint.

Greek Salad 6.95
Lettuce, tomato, onion, feta cheese, and olives tossed with Sabra dressing.

Armenian Salad 6.95
A blend of finely cut parsley, scallion and tomato combined with tomato puree, olive oil, lemon juice and spices. Hot! (Excellent with your cocktail)

Vegetarian Middle Eastern Specialties

Pumpkin Kibbee 12.95
Two layers of pumpkin, stuffed with spinach, onion and Sabra spices. Served with salad.

Cheese Spinach Pie 12.95
"Spanakopita" Served with salad.

Meatless Grape Leaves 12.95
Served with salad.

Vegetarian Combination 15.95
Homus, Falafel, and Tabouli on a bed of salad.

Dardara 12.95
Lentils and Rice sautéed with onions. Served with salad.

Vegetarian Mousaka 12.95
Eggplant, onion, tomatoes, and chick peas. Seasoned with Sabra spices. Served with rice pilaf.

Select Your Combination 15.95
Choose any three of the following: Cheese Spinach Pie, Falafel, Homus, Baba Ghanoush, Meatless Grape Leaves, Tabouli, Armenian Salad.

Middle Eastern Specialties

Chicken Israeli Style 15.95  
Chicken and fresh vegetables, marinated overnight in orange juice and wine. Slowly simmered to perfection and garnished with raisins and a slice of orange.

Stuffed Cabbage 14.95  
Tender cabbage leaves rolled and stuffed with a mixture of ground beef, rice, and oriental spices. Baked to perfection in tomato sauce.

Schnitzel 17.95  
Freshly skinned boneless chicken breasts, dipped in egg and matzah crumbs and fried to golden perfection. 

Grape Leaves 14.95
 Rolled baby green vine leaves stuffed with meat, mixed with a bit of rice. Seasoned with Middle Eastern spices and served with yogurt.

Lamb Curry 18.95 
Lean cuts of tender lamb simmered with fresh onions, carrots, and potatoes in Sabra’s homemade curry sauce.

Stuffed Eggplant 14.95 
Eggplant medallions layered with ground meat, baked with tomato sauce, and seasoned with a subtle blend of exotic spices.

Chicken Curry 17.95 
Chicken simmered with fresh carrots, onions, and potatoes in Sabra’s homemade curry sauce.

Baked Kibbee 14.95 
Two layers of Kibbee stuffed with meat, onions, and herbs. Served with yogurt.

Select your own Combination 20.95 
Choose any three of the following: Grape Leaves, Stuffed Cabbage, Stuffed Eggplant, Chicken Israeli, Lamb Curry, Chicken Curry, or Baked Kibbee.

Baked Lamb 20.95 
Lamb shanks simmered with potatoes, carrots and tomato sauce then baked for a "fall off the bone" treat.

Chef’s Specialties

Sabra’s Middle East Feast Serves Two 38.95
Combination Platter of Traditional Oriental Delicacies Grape Leaves, Baked Kibbee, Stuffed Eggplant, Chicken Israeli, Stuffed Cabbage, Falafel, Tahini, Salad, and Rice Pilaf.

Sabra’s Deluxe Feast Serves Two 40.95
Deluxe Combination Platter of Traditional Oriental Delicacies Chicken Kebab, Lamb Kebab, Grape Leaves, Kibbee, Shawarma, Salad, and Rice Pilaf.

All above entrees served with rice pilaf and bean sauce.

From the Grill

Chicken Kebab 16.95   
Delicious pieces of tender chicken, mildly spiced, served on a skewer with onions and green peppers. Tasty and pleasantly different.

Spicy Chicken 18.95   
Tender cubes of grilled chicken, infused with ginger and rolled in a savory walnut coating.

Lamb Shish Kebab 19.95  
Tasty chunks of lamb served on a skewer with crisp slices of sweet onion and pepper.

Lamb Chops 18.95 
Shoulder cut chops prepared with Sabra's special seasoning, broiled to perfection.

Chicken Liver Kebab or Sautee 12.95 
Fresh chicken livers grilled with crisp slices of onions and green pepper.

Beef ShishKebab 17.95 
Tender cubes of beef carefully prepared on a skewer with crisp slices of sweet onion and green peppers.

Flame Broiled Boneless Chicken Breast 16.95 
Tender chicken for the calorie watchers.

Shwarma (Gyro Style) 14.95 
A combination of ground beef and lamb seasoned with herbs, and spices and tahini sauce.

New York Sirloin Steak 20.95 
A hearty cut of choice western beef.

Kafta Kebab 15.95 
A blend of ground beef, lamb, sweet onions, and Middle Eastern spices.

All above entrees served with rice pilaf and bean sauce.

Rolled Sandwiches
Served until 5:00 p.m.

Chicken Kebab 7.95
Tender chunks of chicken marinated in herbs and spices, grilled.
Beef Shishkebab 7.95
Broiled tender beef cubes with a touch of Middle Eastern spices.
Lamb Shishkebab 8.50
Broiled tender lamb with a touch of Middle Eastern spices.
Schinitzel 8.50
Freshly skinned boneless chicken breasts, dipped in egg and matzah crumbs and fried to golden perfection.
Shawarma 7.95
Ground beef and lamb with herbs and spices.
Grape Leaves  7.50
Kibbee (Baked) 7.50


Vegetarian Sandwiches

Served until 5:00 p.m.

Falafel A Real Treat 6.95
Ground chickpeas, delicately spiced and freshly fried to a golden brown.

Baba  6.75

Tabouli  6.75

Homus and Tabouli 7.95

HOMUS 6.50



Vegetarian Grape Leaves 6.95

Roasted Veggie 6.95
Herb roasted vegetables ( eggplant, zucchini, onion, homus and spinach)

Side Orders

French Fries 3.00  -  Tahini 2.00 - Yogurt 2.00 - Rice Pilaf 5.00


Coffee 2.00  - Tea 2.00  - Herbal Tea 2.00  - Turkish Coffee 3.50  - Brewed Decaf 2.00  - Soft Drinks 2.00  - Juice 3.00  - Lemonade 3.00  - Iced Tea or Iced Coffee 2.00

Special Coffees 6.95

SABRA COFFEE with Sabra Liqueur & Whipped Cream SPANISH COFFEE with Kahlua Brandy & Whipped Cream
IRISH COFFEE with Irish Whiskey & Whipped Cream ROMAN COFFEE with Sambuca & Whipped Cream
ROYAL COFFEE with Brandy & Whipped Cream JAMAICAN COFFEE with Tia Maria & Whipped Cream

Gift Certificates for special occasions.

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